Events with Subslots

In this instruction we will explain how to create a new event with subslots.


Create New Event with Subslots

Under Home > Events > Manage my Events:

(1) Select "Create New Event"

(2) Press "Edit"

(3) After you have entered everything, press "Save".

(Note) TalentWerk does not recommend that you select the "Application / Bewerbung" box for the event with subslots, otherwise you will have to accept each applicant individually.

(4) Add a description.

(5) Edit the location of the event.

(Note) A PDF document can be added if required.

(6) Tick the box "Activate subslots".

(7) Select the duration per and time between slots.

(8) Press "Add Subslots" to generate subslots with the entered duration.

(9) The names of the subslots can be changed.

(Note) Subslots take on the same information as the superordinate event (here CV check). Only the beginning and end are adjusted for the sub-slots.

(IMPORTANT) Do not use the mouse wheel when scrolling through the page as this may cause errors. Use instead the scroll bar on the right-hand side.


(10) Complete the purchase

The event from a participant's perspective

The event is published and viewed from a participant's perspective. It is marked with "collection of events" at the top left.

The event "CV Check" contains four sub-slots where participants e.g. students can register. Registration is not possible for the overall event "CV-Check".

For example, the student can register in subslot "Slot 1". Further subslots of the event "CV Check" are displayed below.


Event with one participant per subslot

In this example, an event was created with one participant per subslot.

The advantage is that participants can see when a subslot is fully booked.

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