Create a new job

In this instruction we explain how to create an new job in the platform

1. You are a Administrator

Here you can see how to get to the area where you can create a new job as an admin.

1. Go to the "jobs" section

2. Go to "Create a new job"


2.1 Here you learn how to Create a new Job

2. You are a Company

Here you can see how to get to the area where you can create a new job as an company.

1. Go to "Create a new job"

3. Create a new job

Here we show you how to create a new job


1. Basic Information

Click on edit to insert the basic informations



Now the area where the information can be filled in appears. All fields marked with an * must be completed.

Afterwards you can save the settings.


2. Description section

Click on edit to insert the basic descriptions


  1. Now you can add different descriptions, pictures or videos.
  2. In this area you can insert a link to your existing job advertisement (Optional).


4. Tags

Enter tags that make it easier to find the job in a search


  1. Here you can see the tags that you have already enteredhere.
  2. Here you can enter the new tags (if the tag already exists, you can accept the suggestion that pops up).
  3. In order for the tag to be created, you must click on the button "Add tag".


5. Buy job posting

  1. Select the publication date
  2. Select the product. In many cases you can choose between several products. It is best to contact the person responsible for the platform to discuss the different options.
  3. Here you can see the total cost



6. Billing Address and Complete purchase

  1. The information is often inserted automatically. Please check data and enter if necessary
  2. Read through the GTC. If you agree, these should be signed so that the purchase can be completed.
  3. Click on the "Complete pruchase" button

As a company, you now only have to wait for the administrator to confirm the purchase and your advertisement will appear on the platform.



Learn how to manage your jobs here!

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