Create a new event

In this instruction we explain how to create an new event in the platform

1. You are a Administrator

Here you can see how to get to the area where you can create a new event as an admin.

1. Go to the "Events" section


2. Go to "Create a new event"


2.1 Here you learn how to Create a new event

2. You are a Company

Here you can see how to get to the area where you can create a new event as an company.

1. Go to "Create a new event"

3. Create a new event

Here we show you how to create a new event


1. Logo/Background Image

Here you can upload a logo and a background image directly from your PC. We recommend a size of 1200x330 pixels for the background image.


2. Basic Information 

  1. Click on edit to insert the basic informations
  2. Now the area where the information can be filled in appears. All fields marked with an * must be completed.
  3. If it is an online event, you can tick the box. Then you can insert the link of the online event (Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc). In the field "Online Event Link/URL is public" you can decide whether the link should be accessible via registration (Only if "registration via platform" is activated in step 4) or whether it should be public.
  4. Here you can decide whether you have to register for the event or not.
  5. If you have an external registration, you can insert the link in this field.
  6. Now you can save the settings



3. Description section

  1. Click on edit to insert the description
  2. Now you can add different descriptions, pictures, links or videos.


5. Location (optional)

If you enter the address under edit, the location appears on the platform



6. Media (optional)

You can add pictures or videos after the event has been activated in the "Manage my event" area.


7. Buy event

Select the product. In many cases you can choose between several products. It is best to contact the person responsible for the platform to discuss the different options.


8. Billing Address and Complete purchase

  1. The information is often inserted automatically. Please check data and enter if necessary
  2. Read through the GTC. If you agree, these should be signed so that the purchase can be completed.
  3. Click on the "Complete pruchase" button

As a company, you now only have to wait for the administrator to confirm the purchase and your advertisement will appear on the platform.



Learn how to manage your events here!

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