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Update August 2023

We are pleased to present you the new features and improvements of our platforms. This update includes new features and improvements in the event and course module.

1. Improvements / Features



1. Improvements / Features




Improvements / Features

1.1 Event module

Guest login

The process for registering guest participants has been optimised. Now, before logging in, a message appears asking whether the person wants to log in with their existing access data or register as a new guest.

Calendar entry

A calendar entry can now be downloaded for events. The file in ics format can then be imported into any calendar with ics support.

Deregistration of chargeable events

The process for unsubscribing from paid events has been improved. Newly...


Improvements / Features

1.2 Courses

Individual filters

Individual filters for courses can now be created through the use of tags. Different tags are added to a tag group and inserted as a filter option via the Umbraco CMS.

Online courses

When creating a course, there is the option to create courses online. Registration takes place via the platform or through an external site.


Improvements / Features

1.3 Communities

Reply-To Mailadresse

Messages that are created and sent by communities now receive a reply-to mail address. This makes it possible to determine to whom a mail is sent when the recipients reply to an e-mail message from the community. This Reply-To mail address can be changed by the community admins via the platform.

News Community Admin

The functions of the message module are now also available for community admins.


Improvements / Features

1.4 Who is Who

Display order

The display order in the Who's Who directory has been improved. The organisation is now displayed alphabetically (descending from A to Z).

Improvements / Features

1.5 Invoices

Dunning process

The dunning process can be executed on an invoice via workflow and the next status reason is automatically set (1st/2nd/3rd reminder). In addition, a reminder stop is set on the invoice as well as a new due date.

Invoice and reminder dispatch

Invoices and reminders can now be sent by e-mail. The e-mail contains the link to the PDF document.


Improvements / Features

1.6 Other

Automatic salutations - Contacts

Salutations are automatically created on the contact entity based on gender and the "Per Du" option. The salutation is also available in different languages and can be integrated into email templates using the {{contact.salutation}} tag.

Notification of field changes

An e-mail can now be triggered as soon as certain fields of a contact are changed in the CRM.

Data separation in the CRM system

In the case of one backend (CRM) and two frontends (platforms), data separation is possible. This means that only your own data is visible in the back end. However, the CRM is still used by two frontends.