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Update Februar 2023

We are pleased to present the new features/improvements of our platforms. This update includes a new communication module, enhanced Umbraco features, new payment options and enhancements to the WhoisWho, profile and CRM dashboard.


1. New moduls                                                  2. Improvements / Features

1. New modules

Can be purchased in addition


1. New modules

1.1 Communication module for user groups

Messages can now be sent to specific user groups with up to 3000 contacts. This includes, among other things, mailshots, targeted information or invitations.

1. New modules

1.2 Further payment options

With the new payment option, invoices can now be paid not only via the usual online payment providers such as Twint or credit cards, but also via a bank transfer. After a successful transfer, a CAMT file can be downloaded from the e-banking portal and imported into the system. In this way, the outstanding invoices can be compared with the CAMT file and booked as paid.

2. Improvements / Features




Improvements / Features

2.1 WhoisWho

Private address in personal profile

Now only the postcode and no longer the complete private address is displayed on the person profile in WhoisWho.

Improvements / Features

2.2 Dashboard for communities

A new dashboard is now available in the CRM for a better overview of the communities. For example, the open community requests, the number of new members per quarter or the community posts are listed.

Improvements / Features

2.3 Profil

Home town and national insurance number

The home town and the national insurance number can now also be entered in the personal profile.

Improvements / Features

2.4 Umbraco Features

Zoom for slider

With the help of the new zoom animation, it is possible to display sliders in motion.

Zoom effect for events, companies, news and courses

A zoom effect can also be set for events, companies, news and courses. This highlights the key visual.

New version of the gallery

In addition, a new version of the gallery element is available

Improvements / Features

2.5 Diverse

A new marking has been added to draw customers' attention to the fact that the invoice details must be completed.