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Release 2.1 - Feb. 2019

We have a new module and improved modules and features


The new module

Job application management

Management of applications directly on iTalent including provision of this possibility also for companies

  • Manage job applications on iTalent easily and directly


  • Community members can apply for the jobs. If desired, the application can also be opened for external job search.


  • Management of the candidate search from A to Z by company representatives or career centers

Improved Modules / Features

The following modules and features have been improved


Event & Event-Management

  • Various types of questions can be added to an event, which the participants have to fill in (fields can be declared as mandatory or optional)


  • Event management: The registration can be filtered according to the participants' answers. The list of responses can be downloaded as an Excel file


  • Favorites function added so that users can mark their favorite events. (Also for jobs and company profiles)



  • Favorites and tagging function added so that users can mark their favorite jobs and search for assigned tags. In addition, an additional filter "Functional areas" has been added.



  • Ability to display individual profile information and activities on the personal home page of company representatives and students.


  • Additional styling features in Umbraco (cover image with slider functionality, additional styling fonts).



  • Various additional data security features (cookie consent, double entry of email and password during registration, double opt-in during registration, etc.)


  • Deletion of the profile by user. The user will not be able to log in after deletion.
  • After that, a message will appear in CRM on the People admin dashboard with the instruction to delete the inactive profile.


  • Possibility to integrate additional subscriptions (subdivided by app roles) with automatic entry/exit in the respective marketing lists


  • Ability to share events and jobs (if not "hidden" via login) on social media platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, using simple URL export.


• Fixed several bugs